Quality policy

Quality assuranceQuality policy

The company Dukat Wieslawa Partyka focuses on producing and supplying of goods that meet customer expectations and guarantee their complete satisfaction.  It is supported by employees involved in company’s activities and development of relationships with customers and suppliers.

Based on the Quality Policy, the company determines detailed objectives that are verified by periodic quality control.

Quality Policy objectives:

  • high quality products,
  • prompt order processing,
  • defects and nonconformity prevention,
  • customer relationship development,
  • compliance with external regulations,
  • meeting customer requirements.

These objectives are achieved by:

  • acknowledging the needs of customers, 
  • continuous improvement of organizational and technological processes,
  • systematic improvement of staff qualifications,
  • relevant knowledge of and compliance with quality management system of Dukat Wieslaw Partyka,
  • maintenance, development and continuous improvement of the quality management system in accordance with applicable law, ISO 9001 as well as industry standards.

The Quality Policy is known to all employees of Dukat Wieslawa Partyka and acknowledged by customers and suppliers.

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