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The Dukat FoamLiner Vented™ is a one-piece vented liner designed for container sealing. It is made of PE foam. It is inserted into the cap (it can be glued in or applied by friction fit.)

The Dukat FoamLiner Vented™ is used to seal containers with liquids and solids and allows the transmission of gas.

Action: Gas passes through the membrane and escapes through the hole in the cap or through the screw thread.

Functionality of our liners is tested by measuring the air flow with the ATEQ leak tester.

Vented liners compensate the pressure inside the container and additionally prevent distortion. They allow the transmission of gas and provide a barrier for liquids at the same time. With these liners, the packing costs of certain products can significantly be reduced. 

Both professional and household cleaners often contain bleach, oxidants and other gaseous components that can exert pressure and get so great that the container “swells” or even bursts. Other products that contain surfactants, solvents or oil absorb oxygen and cause collapse of containers.  In addition, rapid changes of storage and transport conditions (such as temperature changes and elevation) contribute to processes mentioned above and result in deformation and, in extreme cases, in container damage.

It is expensive to prevent container collapse caused by pressure difference.  One way to prevent container collapse is to use thick walled containers.  Unfortunately, it is expensive because of large quantity of plastic needed to produce such containers.

On the other hand, it could be much more expensive if nothing is done to prevent container damager. Consequently, the company which products keep spilling during transportation, can lose its customers.

Vented liners are; in this case, an affordable solution to the problem of container distorting caused by internal pressure changes.

A specially designed membrane in the sealing liner as well as an appropriately selected cap help gas accumulated in the container and absorbed from the air to freely flow between the product and environment, whereas the liquid product remains safely sealed in the container. 

The benefits of using vented liners:

  • reduction of package weight,
  • reduction of complaints and returns,
  • preservation of container appearance required for store shelves,
  • positive product distinction in the market.

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